Friday, 7 December 2012

More for Ebay!

Selling on ebay/etsy is all new to us really - I have been looking at blogs about selling art/dolls on these kinds of sites and I am finding it fun seeing what works and what doesn't! It feels very strange selling dolls this way, we are so used to only selling at fairs and then we get to see the reaction of our customers -very odd lol. But if it works out, it is something we will keep doing as we appreciate not everyone can make it to the big shows! Our next show is possibly Miniatura (we hope to make it) if not we will be at Chicago in April.

Aidy and I will have been making dolls for 10 years in 2013 and we will also be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary. So lots of things are going to change at Lilyelf to mark these occasions! We have a very cute idea to work on...hopefully it won't take too long to get pictures if it all works out, we are also going to be changing a few things about the way we make dolls and become even more focused on our automata as it is proving very popular!

Here are this weeks ebay offerings - hope you like them!


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