Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Pigeon update

Percy has left us, so I hope he will now find his way home. He was obviously just tired and in need of food and a good nights sleep, bless him ;o) so although sad as we won't know if he makes it or not, at least we gave him a good chance.

Pet Pigeon???

Hi all, we have a new pet...Percy/Phillis the lost racing pigeon who was found last night by the annex door and it was too tired to move or fly away...sooooooooooooo after a lot of scratching our heads out came a cat carrier and in went Percy. We then googled 'what to feed a Pigeon' and 'what to do with a lost racing Pigeon' and we had a look in the cupboards for Pigeon friendly food so out came the rice and sunflower seeds!!! Percy then spent a night on the kitchen floor with seeds and water to munch on ;o) It was worrying as it was just sat there doing nothing...do pigeons do stuff??? But today it had eaten everything we put down for it and was bright and alert so we decided to clean the box out before Aidy went to work ... outside ... Pigeon is now on the roof and won't come down =o( so not sure what to do now. I have googled 'how to get pigeon off the roof' but not really into shooting it down!!!! And it says on lots of sites that the owner will just kill it as it failed to get home. Is this true??? So what do we do now???? Can't let it be killed, can't keep it on the roof...

Friday, 26 June 2009

Our first Goth...

Meet Raven Snakebite ;o) she is our first ever Goth doll. She is already sold as she was a commission piece but we had so much fun making her we are going to make lots more similar characters. We hope you like her.

Monday, 22 June 2009

New characters

Hello! Sorry we have not posted anything for ages, we have just been so busy (which we are not complaining about)! We just have so many commissions these days that we are constantly chasing our tails but it keeps us quiet lol
But we thought we would show you these 3 new characters the witch is not quite finished yet but she will be available soon, the other two were commissions so are sold. We had a lot of fun with these 3 and I have to say I have a soft spot for Gwendolin the Witch :o) She has glass eyes so has a very nice twinkle to her and they make her look a lot more realistic - this is only the second time we have used them but we now think they look better than the painted eyes. Mind you it depends on the look you want ;o)
We had a wonderful phone call on Saturday, a gentleman asked if we would make a doll for his wife as she was too embarrassed to ask us - she wants a man bent over a chair with his trousers pulled down as if he is being spanked and she even wants hand marks on his bottom lol so that should be a lot of fun to do!! That is why we love commissions so much, you just never know what you will be asked to make. Has anyone else had any strange requests?