Monday, 31 August 2009

Falkirk show

Well, we had another fabulous Scottish fair! 3 Scottish fairs in a row that have just exceeded our wildest expectations!!! A Huge thank you to Pat of Brentwood fairs for organising such a great show ;o)
Another huge thank you to our ever-growing Scottish customer base you make the trip worthwhile at every show! We had two customers pick up some commissions (both have bought our dolls before) and we had an order for 4 more dolls and a camel from one of these customers so that was great and I am sure we will have fun making those.
We have had a lot of knocks this year with mum being ill and a lot of petty playground antics from a few people who should know better but our customers speak for us and continue to support us -that is all that matters! We also have lots of very nice friends on the miniature scene who it is always a pleasure to see and we have a lot of fun with!
Mum is doing well, she has more treatment in October but I am keeping her busy on facebook games LOL
It was so nice yesterday as we were surrounded by D-A-M-E members and we were next to the D-A-M-E sales table and Helena of Solway minis who is also a member so we had lots of laughs all day. We were all really pleased that every single member of DAME who sent items to sell sold at least one item and it was the first sales table we have had as a group so CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who took the time to send work to the show!!!! WTG Girls and Boys!
Now panic sets in as we have so many large shows coming up including our first trip to Arnhem and Miniatura which we love to do. So thanks to everyone who has been there for us through all the bad and good times ;o) especially Lesley Hughes of Ooakdiddydolls and Beverley Read who have been beside us at every turn - You are both wondeful people and very special friends.
The dolls above are two new characters for the shows ahead!

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Where does the time go???

Where has this month gone? We have been so busy it is hard to believe it is almost September. But what a lovely summer we have had. Most of our outstanding commissions are finished or at least sitting naked on my table and waiting to be dressed - this is the racing driver who now happily lives in the Isle of man -

We have made some wonderful new characters who will be on show this Sunday at falkirk and the following weekend they will be at Stafford ;o) We also have a very exciting and extremely large project which will be on show at miniatura it will have loads of characters and really will be something worth coming to our stand to take a peek at - pictures to tempt you coming soon!!! Lets just hope it fits on our stand LOL

It has not been an entirely worked filled summer as we have had lots of guests coming to catch up with us which has been really good as we have had a nice break without having to leave the house and we still have one friend staying with us ;o) Now Aidy's dad is also on his way for a weeks stay - this means lots and lots of visits to bookshops and interesting places we find along the way ;o)

Hope everyone else is having a great summer, even if the weather is not always nice!