Friday, 25 February 2011

Website Update and some new work..

Well we finally managed to update our website - it has been long overdue! We have not yet managed to put the haberdashery side of things on the site as it is such a huge job but it will be done by the end of April - I hope lol

We have also launched some new little characters such as the one pictured above and these are available on our website or at the many shows we will be doing this year - so far they have proved very popular but then they are very cute ;)

We are also working on lots of special dolls for Miniatura and Arnhem, those of you who have been following us for awhile will know we always do a large moving piece for Miniatura - well watch this space for previews of this years work. I think our stand will make a few people smile or at least that is the plan!

Aidy is also teaching a doll sculpting workshop at the Arnhem show on the 25th March there are a very limited number of spaces left, please contact us if you would like to take part.

If you are going to either show please come along and say hello it is always nice to see a friendly face. Okay back to work for me these dolls don't dress themselves lol ...

Thursday, 17 February 2011


We have just been to the doll house show in Milan -
We left home early on Friday as we had to fly from Manchester to Zurich and then onto Milan. Everything was running smoothly until the first plane was delayed by 40 minutes which meant when we landed at Zurich our connection was already boarding - a mad dash through the airport, passport control and a second trip through security (which we were really stressed about at the time as we were sure the flight was going to go without us)! When we got to the gate four other people were in the same situation so they sent a minivan to take us to the plane - we did get some unimpressed looks from the other passengers who must have thought we were sidetracked by duty free shops in the airport lol

Thankfully the rest of the journey was okay, and after a 3 hour car drive, two planes and a 40 minute train ride we got settled into our hotel and had the most awful food imaginable (it was from a take away lol)

The show was held in 3 large rooms, The venue was actually really nice and easy to find and had excellent transport links - it faces Milan Central Station. The organisation of this event was just perfect and you could not ask for better. The tables are well laid out, lots of space for the public, the miniatures were a nice mix and very high quality all in all it was a great event.

We had a really good time at the show, had good sales, met lots of lovely people and we are already planning next years trip!

Aidy took lost of pictures - enjoy lol

Emil - Fabulous Photo frames which include a miniature scene

Angie & Frank

The Alps taken from the plane on the way home ;)

Our stand and me ;)

Kirsten Hemmehøj

Ulla Vestergaard

Sabrina and the cutest miniature at the show!

Silvia Bolchi - I love her work! Take a look at the website - I loved the rings with the teeny tiny butterflies in them!

Robin & Margaret -

Silvia Cucchi - Beautiful food!

One of the rooms at the show

Milan central station inside and out ;)

We are now getting ready for Miniatura and Arnhem so if you are going to either show please come along and say hello ;)


Sorry we have not written for a long time the end of last year was a tad bit hectic to say the least! Firstly we lost Internet and phone connection for an entire month - was no fun at all - this has resulted in us having to change providers and thus our phone number - we do however have the same email address!

Then we decided it would be fun to be ill so we had a nasty flu type bug for 3 weeks (this started on Christmas eve) and the after effects lasted a few weeks making work the last thing we wanted to face.

I had booked mum and dad into a hotel near us so we could go shopping in the sales and mum had a fall in the hotel, broke her leg in two places, had emergency surgery and ended up in intensive care so we had all of new year going to and from the hospital spending 6 hours a day there as the round trip was 2 hours and we wanted to be with her for all the visiting hours! Thankfully she was only in hospital for just over a week and has now had her cast off so slowly things are returning to normal!

And just to top it all off, we like most of the UK had way too much snow...and with everything going on we actually forgot to go to the Stafford show! We got the dates wrong lol and thought it was a week later than it was! I am using the excuse that I aged in January so it must have messed with my brain a tad bit!

So a belated Happy New Year to you all - hope it is a good one for you xx

Further post to follow with news of a show we just did in Milan and plans for 2011....