Friday, 22 May 2009


Well, yesterday was a long day! Mum and I were at the hospital from 9 til 5 so a days work for some ;o) Mum needs another operation to remove some more of the growth they thought they had removed (apparently they now think some was left behind) and will be having more tests and scans over the next two weeks. So lots more days spent at the hospital...

Mum wanted me to say thank you to all those who have emailed and sent cards to wish her well, it means a lot to us both ;o)

The staff were all lovely and we had lots of cups of tea made for us and mum even got a free lunch so not all bad!

So, now I can hide myself in dolls again until the next visit...we have a new witch on her way ;o) maybe you can meet her tomorrow...

Friday, 15 May 2009


Well here is Darwin ;o) who hopefully made it to Kensington in one piece. We offered him up for auction as we couldn't make it to the show. He did not want to play and refused to get dressed for a few days but after a good talking to we got there! Hope you like him, he is the second Darwin we have made but both are different as they are both ooak sculpts. The first one played fair and got dressed right away and was sold at Miniatura ;o)

Now back to commissions...

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Trying Times

As some of you know my mum was diagnosed with cancer two weeks ago today. She had an operation to have a growth removed around a week before and it was found to contain cancer. So the last two weeks have been awful as we have not known how bad it is or even if she was lucky and they got it all there and then.

We finally got the dates for her scans and other tests, a week today so we at least now have something to work towards. So positive thoughts please! I bury my head in the sand over these things so will try not to think about it until next week when I have too ;o)

I have passed on all the well wishes from the girls of DAME and CDHM and mum wanted me to thank you all. It does help to know people are thinking about you!

So, we have pulled out of the Kensington Showcase as we just could not put the time and effort into making something special to display and to be honest our mind has not really been on Lilyelf. We are just working through commissions while we wait for news.

Things are not helped with my own health issues and now my dad is having problems with his recently replaced knee - I think Aidy is the only healthy one!!! Oh, and the cats appear to be healthy too ;o)

If anyone is going to Kensington or any other big show we hope you all have a great time and sell everything!
Thank you to Wendie for our first award ;o) and for showing me the way to revamp our blog...don't know why we were pink!

We would like to pass it on to the following,

Back to Wendie for being so thoughtful and nice as always!

To Eileen, who makes some of the best pieces of art in doll form I have seen and she is lovely to go with all that talent ;o)

Lesley of ooakdiddydolls who is a very dear friend and has always been there through the good and bad times. She also makes fantastic characters!

Jill Miles, who makes some of the best food around and is one of the nicest people I have met through fairs. She also gets this award for allowing me to look at cakes and not gain any weight!

And to all those who have taken the time to follow our blog ... is that cheating?

Saturday, 2 May 2009

New characters

We had a lot of fun making these two! The witch is carrying a tray filled with spooky biscuits made by Helena of Solway Miniatures, her website is well worth a look!
We are known for our man in the bath having his back washed and we wanted to do another one but very different to the original so here he is, rubber duck and all ;o)
Hope you like them both!
It is nice to put a bit of fun into your sculpts and be daft. A lot of our work is commission based so we are working to a set list of requirements which can be a lot of fun too as sometimes customers come up with ideas you would never have even thought of, whereas making dolls for shows can be a chance to make all those dolls you think about just before you fall asleep and those that you add to the growing wish list and lets face it, it really is a chance to be silly;o)
I would like to say a quick thank you to all the girls on D-A-M-E who have been very supportive these past few weeks in what is a very difficult time ;o). Life is good at throwing up new challenges and upsetting situations but I know me and my family have all the support we need to get through the testing times ahead - so thanks girls you are a great bunch!