Sunday, 20 September 2009

Busy, busy, busy!

Sorry it has been a few weeks since our last post! We just have so much going on at the moment and both of us are chasing our tails ;o) Our website should be up and running properly over the next two weeks or so, we are having some new features added for us by a very good friend and talented website builder!

Well, the picture above is of a witch we made as a gift for a very special customer of ours, in time for the Stafford show, she was delighted with her ;o) and this lovely lady made us a shawl, hat and basket and brought us some wonderful chocolate things to eat in return, which was unexpected but very nice. Thank you Margaret - we shall see you at Miniatura!

Talking of Miniatura, we have a ridiculous amount of work to do - today's list includes, dressing 6 dolls, flocking 50 mice, pouring porcelain dolls, cleaning and firing them and making a cauldron and that is just my list - Aidy has his own!!! LOL that is why I am escape. I may get a 1/4 of my list done today if I am lucky ;o) I bet we are not the only ones with daft lists like these ... I know a few people who are quietly panicking!!!

We are so pleased that we are next to the D-A-M-E stand and we are also next to Helena of Solway Miniatures, so if you are standing or visiting the show you can find us all on L6-L8. We are in the middle at L7 lol

We are going to have something very, very special on our stand all being well ... just a few more dolls to make for it ... It will be available for sale and will never be repeated by us and will hopefully (if it works out) be a nice talking point and be one of the many high-lights of the show - I can't say more as it is a surprise!