Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Back from Miniatura

I am so sorry we never managed to preview our new dolls before Miniatura, we were just frantically making them and most were headless until the day before the show!!!

We had our best ever Miniatura and we sold more dolls than we have ever sold in one go at any fair so we were delighted by the end of the weekend. We had a lovely couple who bought five of our dolls to take back to Germany including the Obama's and our CDHM competition witch so that was lovely. Another lady bought five dolls as well and we sold out of Seth's and had two Maggie's left by the end of the show. We also had a few commissions and lots of other sales of one or two dolls so really a fantastic weekend.

My mum managed to get to the show and was staying in the hotel right next door to the venue, she really is not very well so I was really happy she made it as I know she always feels left out! I picked up a beautiful Georgian house for her after the show which she had won on ebay and it is HUGE - good job we hired a van! She had great fun at the show buying dolls, wallpaper and light fittings for her new house. I am delighted as I have been trying to get her into the hobby for years! She is our biggest fan lol

Sadly I was very tired from working so hard in the run up and my legs were playing me up so I was glad to get home by the end of the show ;o) But now feel ready to do it all again!

It was lovely to see Mrs Parnell who is one of our first customers and she even brought us Delicious chocolate orange biscuits which went down a treat with a cup of tea when we got home so thank you Margaret!

Our Porcelain dolls were a huge success (the picture above are all porcelain dolls) and most people could not tell the difference between them and our one of a kind dolls. So all that hard work was worth it!

We were lucky to be next to so many DAMES and all of them had fantastic displays but I think Jenny Kelm stole the show! She had such wonderful characters as always and her hubby Mike had made some truly fabulous items.

Lesley also had a fantastic reaction to her mad Hatter and a Sweeney Todd working display she had loads of pictures taken and had lots of interest in her work.

Helena made a beautiful tea party on top of a top hat - mad Hatter style and that also got a great response ;o)

A very warm welcome to all our new followers =o)

Right we had best get back to work as we have a lot of shows coming up over the next few weeks, although we hope to have one day off so we can go and see Alice in Wonderland!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Well, not long to go now until Miniatura! Not panicking just yet but we still have so much to do ;o) We are very excited to announce the launch of our very own porcelain dolls sculpted, moulded, cleaned, fired, painted and dressed by us so you can only get them from us!

Aidy has really managed to keep the detail in the faces and they really look like a Lilyelf doll except in porcelain so we are delighted as we have been asked to give it a try by quite a few people ;o) We are still making our one of a kind dolls but they will be more special and a real collectors piece. We still take commissions in both mediums.

We have been so busy experimenting with different faces and expressions and now for once we will be able (hopefully) to have a full stand of all types of dolls!

When you hand sculpt each doll it takes so long that stock is always limited and there are two of us working at them! We just can't make dolls quick enough and we only had around 10 dolls for sale at our last fair!!! So we hope that our very detailed and high quality Porcelain range will allow us to offer a larger selection at a very competitive price, as I can get on with pouring and cleaning them while Aidy makes one of a kind dolls ;o)

We have a very special offer to Launch them at Miniatura - We are offering a limited edition run on two characters based on two of our most popular dolls (we always get asked to make them but it is impossible to get the exact look as they are ooak sculpts) Seth (pictured above) and Maggie (Pictures coming soon...)!

Both dolls will be available at the incredible price of just £39 each - Supplies are very limited and we have already had a lot of interest so get to our stand early or get in touch by email.

The rest of the porcelain doll range will be priced at around £49 - £89 per character depending on the complexity! No two will be dressed the same as I find this very boring, so you will still be getting a ooak costume!

We will launch two new characters at every large show at the price of £39 so you can really get a good collection going!
I will try to post some previews of new porcelain dolls everyday so you can see what a wide range we will have - wait until you see the witches! We just did a witch workshop using porcelain witches and everyone not only made a fantastic witch but they loved them! I will tell you all about it later... I best get back to work!!!