Wednesday, 20 April 2011

1:24th scale....

Well I have to admit I have never been a fan of 1:24th scale as I have found it lacking in detail but I am now quickly being converted to the benefits! I don't know if you have taken the time to look at previous links the Herdwick Landscapes website but if not and you are interested in the smaller scales you should!

Kate and Peter are such lovely friendly people and always have time for a chat, they mainly make houses based on actual ones scattered around the lake district national park so they are realistic and true to life - they will however also make commissioned pieces and have just recently made a mouse house which was truly wonderful!

They have just started making kits and soon 1:48th houses will be on the way! They also run workshops so you can make your very own house or room box - please see their website for details.

 A finished kit - furniture not included

 Kate showing what you get with each kit, they come with all the parts you need to make the finished piece, you will only need glue, paint and a few basic tools.

 The exterior walls are finished with a stone effect for you.
The kits are very reasonable in price and if you feel daunted at the prospect of making one kate and Peter will make them up for you for a little extra - more kits will be available soon so keep a look out for them!

If you do take the plunge and buy one of their kits or houses, you can then buy a huge range of handmade furniture which Kate meticulously researches, plans and then makes from wood - they really are full of detail and again are very reasonable and complement each house perfectly. Kate is always adding to the ever expanding range.

They also offer a lighting service for those of us who fear all things electrical or anything complicated! You can have that worry taken away!

Herwick Landscapes will be at the Kensington Festival this May :)

Monday, 18 April 2011

Chicago part two

Well I am pleased to say Chicago was not all drama lol... all our dolls arrived in one piece and we set up and were ready by the time the show opened! The doll room was filled with a great atmosphere and everyone was very friendly and welcoming which was nice and put us at ease.

We were next to Jane Davies who was lovely and had such beautiful dolls on her stand but sadly Aidy never got round to taking any pictures so please have a look at her website to have a peek at her work -

Jane was being helped by a wonderful lady called Pat who I have to say was one of those people you meet and instantly adore - she decided she was going to adopt Aidy and I and now insists we go and visit her :) I was so pleased when she bought my favourite piece on our stand - the witch with the flying pram (you can see pictures here I know she will look after them so it was not as difficult letting them go!

We sold our walking steampunk contraption in the first hour of the preview show! And we went on to have good sales especially as we have never done a show or any promotion in the states - we were delighted by the end of the weekend and have already booked and paid for next year - we also now have a much better idea of the American market which should come in useful for Philadelphia Miniaturia :)
On our last day we went to a fabric store where I found lots of treasures some of which will be for sale at fairs - I also found some ribbon that will be perfect for all thing witchy! 

We also had a delightful lunch cooked for us by Dru and it really was one of the best meals we had in the entire two weeks - Pat even ate the leftovers lol - I was also greeted with a huge cheesecake at the end of the show so I really was spoiled :) Thanks Dru *hugs*

 Dolls that just make you smile! By talented artist Bev who sells as 
 Her stand just oozed character!

We spotted some steampunk pieces on the Rainbow Hand stand - such talented miniaturists!

Debs was another very talented artist who had a wonderful stand filled with delightful characters! Debs also saved the day by helping us out with a very much needed customer address after the show had ended!

 Roberta we seem to be following her around the world lol and her stand in Chicago didn't disappoint :)

 Pat who as always made us laugh throughout the weekend! 

 Kate makes the most wonderful 1:24 scale dolls who hold such detail and character! 

 Lisa with two of her risque dolls lol aren't they just delightful!

Jamie holding one of his fabulous characters and true to form he managed to make the weekend pass with much laughter!

Last but not least we would like to say a huge Thank You to Tom and Leni Bishop who gave us a lot of help and support with a small issue before the show and were as usual professional to the end with all aspects of running the show - we look forward to next time!

Chicago Part one...

We were already going to visit Chicago for two weeks before we found out we had a space at the show so here is the post of our first week and a half there. In some ways it was disastrous lol as everything that could go wrong did  from a taxi driver in a bad mood when he saw our luggage (we had six cases), lack of visa for mum which had been paid for so we had to pay again at the airport, 3 searches on mum at the airport ( and seeing she is disabled and not in the best of health at all  it was no fun), terrible in flight food lol mum had an almost frozen ham sandwich at one point - one perk of being a veggie we didn't get one!  Being evacuated from the hotel (at this point we didn't know why) and as nobody came to get mum out Aidy risked taking her in the lift  - I took the stairs and had no choice but to leave the hotel as I was ushered outside so we got split up and my friend was on the 20th floor so I had to worry about them all- eventually Aidy and mum managed to find me after about 20m so we were all relieved to say the least. We eventually caught up with Dru who had been interviewed for the local news lol.  We arrived at the wrong terminal on the way home and having to get all bags to the correct one (we now had 9 lol)  and as we had to take a train with no luggage trolley, I was almost trapped and sent to yet another terminal!!! Excess baggage costs, mum being given a ridiculous seat right at the back of the plane which she had a very difficult time getting to and a very bumpy flight finished the trip... But we made the most of it and all in all had fun!

On the plus side I got to meet one of the nicest people I have the pleasure of knowing so a huge thank you to Dru for showing us around and driving us all over the place :) and the show itself thankfully was the only good luck we had!

A first View of the city

 A picture taken round the corner from our first hotel downtown
 Me realising I have been caught by the camera!

 Aidy delighted to have a decent cup of coffee

 Not too sure what is on offer here...

 By night...

 A day out at the Zoo 

 Aidy wanting to take part... was tempted to leave him there.

 I adore Polar Bears

 I guess I almost measure up lol
 This guy knew he looked good - he kept on striking a pose!

 We had a gas leak right outside our hotel so we were all evacuated - and it was the coldest day - no fun at all but on the plus note my best friend made the news lol

 We went out for a medieval show - was lots of fun even if our knight didn't win :(

More to follow...

Late post...Arnhem

Leaving Newcastle
Me trying to decide if I could manage to sit down on a chair this large!
A view of the church the fair was being held in

Meeting Kate and Peter for a drink the afternoon before the workshops

Aidy being his usual self outside our hotel lol

Aidy's sculpting workshop in full swing

The finished faces - they all turned out with such different characters!

Me attempting to give a quick master class on wig making - Not sure how helpful this was as I was covered in glue and hair by the end of it lol

A view from our stand at the show

Another view from behind our stand ;)

We were lucky to be standing next to Penny Tomson. She is a lovely lady whom we almost forced to join us for the meal that happens after the first night of the show for exhibitors - I think she was glad we did in the end! Please take time to look at her wonderful work and as with all things miniature they are even better in real life - such detail and oh so tiny!

The Dream in Miniature stand always makes me smile and this time Lisa had lots of fantastic new dolls for us to look at - she really knows how to have fun with miniatures! 

Kate and Peter with their one of a kind special commission for the show - a 1:24th scale mouse house! It was stunning and I wanted to move in! The tree was sculpted by Peter and it was so good that when he told me it was carved from oak I believed him!! The tree grows right inside the house and part of it forms little steps for the lucky inhabitants - needless to say their customer was delighted with it. Check out more pictures of this wonderful piece on their website - 

Roberta is a lovely lady from Italy who makes the most realistic miniature tiles and pottery - I was lucky enough to be given a set as a gift - thank you again for your kindness! 

 Serge is a delightful character from France who we have been lucky enough to meet before at the last Arnhem show - I will try to find his contact details as he makes such detailed pieces.

Pat Kay and Jamie Carrington. Poor Pat had to put up with Jamie and I having a good old laugh at her expense but it was all done with much love and she took it all with grace and good humour! There were tears at some points - not sure what the customers thought of the rowdy English bunch lol

Pat again holding one of her dolls, she has such a good eye for all things miniature and her stand really is a treat to look at, she has work by artists from all over the world and the high quality shines through. Pat does not have a website for sales but she does run the well known Brentwood fairs and she attends York, Kensington, Arnhem and Chicago to name a few others.

Jamie looking fabulous! We have been making dolls for almost 10 years now and this was the first time our paths crossed and all I am left thinking is why did we have to wait so long? Jamie really is a wonderful, friendly and very supportive member of the miniature community and I am sure those of you who have had the pleasure will agree his company is a delight - he certainly brightened my weekend no end! I am also thinking of moving in with him so I can discover his costume secrets - if he was not so nice I would be green!

Aidy with his sales wonder all the customers have disappeared!
We had a great time, we had good company and once again the customers responded well to our work. We look forward to doing it all again in October!