Wednesday, 2 December 2009

A break at last!

Well, no more fairs until next year lol - well next month really! York as usual was a fantastic show for us. Aidy was fully booked at his workshop and had to get extra chairs to squeeze everyone around the table ;o) He was in his element lol and Deborah who runs the show kept telling me what a good job he was doing!

I really like the york venue as there is lots of space, it is well run, advertised lots so loads of people make the trip and there are around 100 stands so lots for people to see while they are there. We have a nice following at York too so it is always so nice to meet up with old customers.

Now we just need to make 6 more commissions before Christmas including a swimming pool??? Not sure how we came to be doing that but she is a lovely lady and is now a friend not a customer so how could we say no? I will show you lots of pictures when it is finished!

We had a great commission for a hells Angel while at york so looking forward to making him too but we have until the new year for that one!

And finally I am off to a wedding in Ireland tomorrow - Aidy and my dad are staying at home so it is just Mum and I making the trip and I hate flying so not looking forward to that at all!!!! But I do love Ireland and most of my family on my mums side live there so it will be nice to catch up!

Hope you are all finding the time to relax before Christmas ;o)