Monday, 25 October 2010

Cotswolds Miniatures Weekend

We have just got home from a great weekend away. We were invited to instruct at the first Cotswolds Miniature Weekend - and if you didn't come along I would recommend it for next year! There were many different workshops going on and everyone had a wonderful time and went home with lots of new creations and minds crammed full of ideas of what to make next ;)

Aidy made me take part in day one - sculpting - Not my area at all and at first I was very reluctant but I grew to really enjoy myself. My character changed throughout the day and ended up turning into an elf type! I will try to get him finished and dressed so you can all see my first person sculpt - Don't worry I will not be taking over Aidy's job any time soon!

One of the finished dolls

A doll well on the way to being finished

A grumpy butler in the making

Getting things right!

What should I wear?

We had a wonderful group of students who were more like old friends by the time the weekend came to an end! We were sad to leave lol. We would like to give thanks to karen and Gillie and all the others involved in making this event happen - they all worked so hard and it showed - Thanks guys!


Time for a natter!

This picture was when we all worried - Our precious heads were going into the oven! We had all grown very attached to our little people by this point!

Also I would like to say a huge thanks to Wendy, Pam, Jo, Kazumi, Sheree, Janet, Sue, Sabina and Pat who were all wonderful and such good fun! You all helped to make our weekend one to remember!
I would also like to say a huge thanks to Sally Watson and kathy Brindle who made our night on Saturday - we were lucky enough to sit next to them at the meal and we have not laughed so much in years - You could not ask to meet two nicer or more fun people - I don't think they exist! thanks again you two!

Get ready to watch out for next years event and book early - it is going to prove very popular!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010


We are back from Miniatura ;) The pictures above are of me (even though I tried to avoid it - and why is it always me having pictures taken?!?) and of my great friends Bev (Beverley Read) and Lesley (ooakdiddydolls) who were sharing their first stand at the show.
A lot of people thought the show was very quiet compared to other years and in some ways I would have to agree that numbers did seem to be down on both days. The weather was very bad on the Sunday not sure if this had an impact or not?
We had a good start to the show as we sold all four preview witches as soon as we put them on our blog (it was also really nice to meet fellow bloggers at the show ;) ) and then we had a very good response to the ones we made to replace them! We also sold our show piece in the first few hours and we were asked about it by lots of other people who fell in love with the silliness of the concept!
A lot of customers also remembered Battish Airways from last year so it looks like we are now getting recognised for making strange moving contraptions lol but we had a lot of fun with both and are already thinking about the next piece as we would like to have something on display at Arnhem, Madrid and kensington.
We had a very good show all in all and sold a lot of dolls this is good and bad lol as now we have so much to do for Arnhem at the end of the month!?! I know, I know never happy :p
I am also pleased to say that Lesley had a very good show selling lots of dolls and taking just as many commissions - it was so great to see her doing so well and getting the boost she needed - I have been bullying her into doing fairs for years!!
Bev also sold some of her wonderful cakes and dolls and while she was at the show her son got her website up and running please take a look It is always great catching up with these two and we don't get to see each other as often as we would like.
We stayed in the same hotel as Lesley and her sister Tracey and had a nice meal with them and my mum and dad who had also travelled down for the show. So at least we had lots of time to natter and put the world to rights =)
I love Miniatura and would say it is one of my favourite shows to do, the atmosphere is always great and you get to meet lots of lovely people and catch up with friends and customers so now I can't wait until we get to do it all again in spring! A huge thank you to all of you who did take the time to stop by and say hello it was so lovely to see you all =)

Friday, 1 October 2010

More witches!

These first two pictures are our first ever 1:24 scale witches - they really are adorable in real life and are around 2.5 inches.

Lucinda - The puppeteer witch - she has a little ghost and death puppet in each hand both sculpted from clay.

Hope you like the last of our Miniatura preview - the car just needs to be packed and then we are ready to go! Looking forward to meeting those of you coming to the show ;)

Miniatura show piece - Witches Flying Machine

In traditional Lilyelf fashion we decided to make a moving piece for this years Autumn Miniatura! It is not the easiest thing in the world to photograph though so if you are at the show please come along a take a look.

The bat wings move up and down and the oars rotate to look like they are helping to fly the balloon. As you can tell Gertie, Bernadine and Crandall have all the possessions they need for the long journey ahead - although Crandall was lucky to make the flight!
This will be available for sale at the show and is of course a one of a kind piece. We hope you like it - more preview pictures of other dolls to follow...