Friday, 26 August 2011


To say Aidy and I are hurt is an understatement, yet again we are hearing that people are gossiping about us and making up false stories and accusations, this does not surprise me as we are used to this behavior from other so called professionals on the scene. The fact that we are quite private people and do not air any issues for all to see seems to give people the green light to fill in the gaps. I am annoyed that I have been made to feel a public statement is required  and I really wish people were not so spiteful and quick to judge.

Things are extremely difficult at the moment, I am now looking after my mother and father and my aunt full time, two of whom have alzheimer's, my mother is almost blind and has cancer along with a catalogue of other very serious health issues and things are far from easy. They have another carer who shares looking after them with me but she is also now very ill and has had to have a lot of time off sick - this means I do not get to go home at all during these periods and yes, Lilyelf has slipped way down on the list of priorities and for that we are sorry. We do not like to let people down, but as the current situation is ongoing and we have no clear idea of when things will improve it is hard to make plans for shows - we are both needed to run Lilyelf, Aidy cannot do it alone.

We are currently aiming to be able to do October fairs onwards including
Arnhem, York and Philadelphia, this unfortunately means we will be missing Stafford, Falkirk and Miniatura so we are sorry for any disappointment this may cause to our customers. As soon as things improve full attention will be given to Lilyelf.

Those of you waiting on commissions, Aidy is working through them, however I need to find the time to dress them, so we will get in touch with each of you and give you a realistic date for completion - yet again we are very sorry for any disappointment this may bring but things are beyond our control at the moment.

I hope this will put people in the picture and allow us to concentrate on issues at hand.

Monday, 15 August 2011


It has just been brought to my attention that there is talk that we have gone out of business - this is not true.

We have not been around because of family health issues and I am having to spend a lot of time away from home because of it. This has obviously impacted on Lilyelf but we are working through the current situation and hope to be back giving all our attention to Lilyelf as soon as possible. We are working on commissions at the moment as time permits.

We will be unable to do some fairs because we just do not have the time to make all the dolls to fill the stand - I will post an updated fair list soon to keep you aware of all that is going on.