Monday, 13 September 2010


Sorry I have yet again neglected to write! I have had flu for one thing and life keeps finding ways to keep me busy for another lol We both took quite ill at the Falkirk show and I ended up asleep behind the stand for most of the day - we missed the fair at Haydock the week after as we still felt rotten! Sorry to those of you who missed us at the show.

The above picture is of me at the Stafford fair on Sunday lol think the look says it all I had only had an hours sleep the night before! One day I will manage to get a full nights rest before a fair...

We thought we should show you what we have been busy working on the last few weeks - we are in a witch theme at the moment and having great fun thinking of ideas for new characters and props - these will all be on show at Miniatura - hope you like them ;o)

We are also working on a few special pieces and if I have time I will give you a sneak preview - they are very much working progress right now!!! We are also working on lots of other new characters so if you do manage to make it to Miniatura please come and say hello!