Thursday, 11 February 2010

Missed opportunity ;o(

Wanted by the BBC and we missed it! Story of our lives! We switched Internet providers last September and one result was an inbox full of missing emails which we only discovered last night. Besides the commission orders and emails of thanks there was a very unexpected email from the BBC asking us if we would be interested to appear on a new series!!! This was sent on in November so sadly we have now missed the deadline - we are both gutted but cheered by the fact that the man from the BBC thought our dolls were 'Brilliant'. Maybe we will be considered again in the future - we can dream lol.

We have decided to start over with our website so it will be a few weeks before it is fully up and running again with all features!


  1. roz and aidy, a much deserved oppertunity too, i am sure there will be many more coming your way, your work is fantastic and will always be very popular and original.

  2. I have just found your blog and realized I have seen you at the Arnhem show last year. Your dolls are wonderful!
    So sorry to hear you missed the opportunity to work for the BBC! I hope something like it will come your way again soon.

  3. OOOh I am so sorry for you....The best TV channel on Earth-I mean it!- (We loved the James May toys stories series...)
    Maybe they 'll need you again, you deserve it:-)
    Best regards,

  4. Josje, we loved Arnhem! It was our first time at the show ;o) we are sad we can't make the show this march but it clashes with miniatura and we had already booked. We will be at Arnhem in October and can't wait so maybe we can see you then ;o) Thanks for the positive thoughts!

  5. Emma, we also loved James May Toy stories, especially the garden made from Plasticine =o) Although I think Aidy liked the Meccano bridge! I adore your work (I have a thing for mini food - think it is the lack of calories so I can have as much as I want) so it is nice to have such positive comments from you! We are still gutted but truth be told I would have hidden and made Aidy do all the filming had we been lucky enough!!