Thursday, 17 February 2011


Sorry we have not written for a long time the end of last year was a tad bit hectic to say the least! Firstly we lost Internet and phone connection for an entire month - was no fun at all - this has resulted in us having to change providers and thus our phone number - we do however have the same email address!

Then we decided it would be fun to be ill so we had a nasty flu type bug for 3 weeks (this started on Christmas eve) and the after effects lasted a few weeks making work the last thing we wanted to face.

I had booked mum and dad into a hotel near us so we could go shopping in the sales and mum had a fall in the hotel, broke her leg in two places, had emergency surgery and ended up in intensive care so we had all of new year going to and from the hospital spending 6 hours a day there as the round trip was 2 hours and we wanted to be with her for all the visiting hours! Thankfully she was only in hospital for just over a week and has now had her cast off so slowly things are returning to normal!

And just to top it all off, we like most of the UK had way too much snow...and with everything going on we actually forgot to go to the Stafford show! We got the dates wrong lol and thought it was a week later than it was! I am using the excuse that I aged in January so it must have messed with my brain a tad bit!

So a belated Happy New Year to you all - hope it is a good one for you xx

Further post to follow with news of a show we just did in Milan and plans for 2011....


  1. Oh, dear! Sounds like my last few months Congrats to your birthday !!! Hope you will have a better time now.

  2. glad to have you both back. looking forward to seeing some more excellents dolls soon xxx