Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Sorry we have been away for so long... In my wisdom I asked Aidy to write a blog post last May to keep you up to date but as ever it was one of the things he half did lol but as I just came across it and it made me smile I thought I would share, although can I just point out we are only just getting to the whole ebay listing! enjoy...

Hello readers, with Roz away at her mums' for the forseeable future (my unfortunate mother-in-law fell quite badly in a Bathroom related incident last week and broke her leg in several places, so Roz has dutifully gone to help out. Btw yes, you read that right about the Bathroom. Don't ask. Besides, according to some stuff I just looked up 90% of accidents occur in the home. 4 people died last year just putting their trousers on so... just take care, ok?) it falls to me, Aidy, the “elf” in “Lilyelf”, to man the lifeboats, take one for the team and generally hold the baby round here.

Yes that's right, if this were a sitcom the scene would open with me waving Roz goodbye before attempting some seemingly innocuous task – opening a tin of beans, say – followed by the screen going black and flashing up the legend “2 minutes later...” cut to a shot of me sitting holding a tin opener and looking forlorn while the house simultaneously burns down, gets washed away in a flood and is attacked by zombie ostriches.

I'm not normally trusted to talk to strange people (are you allowed to be listening to one?); so it's quite an honour to be permitted to write a blog entry and, mad with power, I've decided to try listing a few of our dolls on Ebay.

You heard me right, folks, we've taken leave of our senses down here at Lilyelf towers and we're auctioning off some superb miniature creations in a pay yer money takes yer chance, winner takes all, everything must go grab-a-bargain bonanza!

I'll be putting up some porcelain character dolls from our own collection (moulds made by me, exclusive to Lilyelf), as well as some brand new one-of-kind dolls. The dolls are made to the same high detail and quality of finish as any that some of you will have seen or, indeed, purchased from our stand over the years. Actually, come to think of it, a couple of them have actually been out on the stand for sale recently in Chicago.

I must admit my main motivation is curiosity. My mate Daz (not a miniaturist, more of a bass player) is a massive Ebay zealot and he's always buying and selling a plethora of strange and wondrous items (quite pleased I managed to use a sentence with the word “plethora” in it there). There's a kind of logic at play here, too; Roz being away has made creating new work logistically challenging as we send stuff back and forth so we've agreed to try and use the time to wrap up some commissions. (On which note, Julie, if you're reading this, I haven't forgotten that swimming pool you ordered two years ago...) And our next show is in October so in the meantime I've got all these little people sitting here just looking at me...

Now where's that Zombie Ostrich Repellent..?

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