Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Back to being creative

As you can see the workroom is now in a state to be used for making dolls again! So today is a making day!! We have a show on the 19th of April and no stock as we sold out of almost all our dolls at miniatura and what we had left sold the week later ;o) At least we can make some new characters!

It is difficult finding the time to create as we have so much going on, also being involved with the wonderful group D-A-M-E takes up a lot of time but it is worth it to see how happy all the members are.

We also have been asked to take part in the Kensington Festival showcase, and CDHM (another wonderful group) have asked us to be featured in a magazine article so it is all happening at once...as usual! We also would like to start contributing to AIM's online magazine as we have had to prioritise other things above it and feel it is only fair we now do our bit.

It is a good job we spent the time to tidy the workroom as it may be some time before we can do it again! Hopefully we will have some new characters to show to you soon...if we find the time to make them all ;o)

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