Sunday, 5 April 2009

Spring Cleaning?

We woke up today, sun pouring through the windows and had that sense of everything being good with the world. So what did we decided to do with this great day...spring clean the workroom!

Now I am all for being tidy in theory but it is just not practical is it? I mean I need that box of offcuts of fabric on my desk and no I can't do without the box of hair... the glue needs to stay, so does the selection of silk ribbon...Why did we start this again?

On the plus side I have found things I forgot we had but now I need to keep them out for fear of losing them again! I admit it I am a messy worker but I know where to find things and frankly I am suspicious of anyone who can work in a tidy space...what are they doing? Where is the signs of activity??

Anyway back to it...this is just the tea break ;o)

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