Thursday, 14 May 2009

Trying Times

As some of you know my mum was diagnosed with cancer two weeks ago today. She had an operation to have a growth removed around a week before and it was found to contain cancer. So the last two weeks have been awful as we have not known how bad it is or even if she was lucky and they got it all there and then.

We finally got the dates for her scans and other tests, a week today so we at least now have something to work towards. So positive thoughts please! I bury my head in the sand over these things so will try not to think about it until next week when I have too ;o)

I have passed on all the well wishes from the girls of DAME and CDHM and mum wanted me to thank you all. It does help to know people are thinking about you!

So, we have pulled out of the Kensington Showcase as we just could not put the time and effort into making something special to display and to be honest our mind has not really been on Lilyelf. We are just working through commissions while we wait for news.

Things are not helped with my own health issues and now my dad is having problems with his recently replaced knee - I think Aidy is the only healthy one!!! Oh, and the cats appear to be healthy too ;o)

If anyone is going to Kensington or any other big show we hope you all have a great time and sell everything!


  1. I wont repeat everything I have already said to you again mate, but thinking lots of possitive thoughts for you and your family. take care and keep you chin up mate.
    ..........lesley ooakdiddydolls

  2. Positive thoughts and Wishes being sent your way.. xx

  3. thank you to lesley and bev for your kind thoughts ,and also to rosalind and aidy who give me my reason to fight ,i am so lucky to have a daughter like roz she is thekind of person that i would be proud to have asmy best friend ,s she is one of the nicest people i know ,compleatly matter what or who she isthere ,and i love her for the person she is,many thanks bernadette

  4. Ahhh thanks bern, I also thank you for giving us Roz, who has been a great friend to me, and also a brilliant partner to work with, may long it continue...........Lesley xxxxx