Thursday, 14 May 2009

Thank you to Wendie for our first award ;o) and for showing me the way to revamp our blog...don't know why we were pink!

We would like to pass it on to the following,

Back to Wendie for being so thoughtful and nice as always!

To Eileen, who makes some of the best pieces of art in doll form I have seen and she is lovely to go with all that talent ;o)

Lesley of ooakdiddydolls who is a very dear friend and has always been there through the good and bad times. She also makes fantastic characters!

Jill Miles, who makes some of the best food around and is one of the nicest people I have met through fairs. She also gets this award for allowing me to look at cakes and not gain any weight!

And to all those who have taken the time to follow our blog ... is that cheating?


  1. wey hey, my first award, what does it say ? roflol love it anyway, wish i could sort my blog out lol. thanks Roz, your a very kind, honest and thoughtful gal yourself. ................Lesley ooakdiddydolls xxx

  2. Ah Roz! thankyou :o) your so sweet