Thursday, 27 May 2010

Back from Madrid

We are back from a brilliant 6 days in Madrid! The picture above is a very dodgy shot of Aidy, James (my father-in-law) and me enjoying the sunshine! All the other pictures are just random shots from this wonderful city.
We also went with Helena of Solway Miniatures and her daughter Ev so we all shared an apartment. They were both golden by the end of the trip!
We arrived last Wednesday and walked all over Madrid seeing all the stunning architecture and we met lots of very nice people from all over the world. We all only have very basic Spanish but we seemed to be understood okay!
The Tom Bishop fair was on the weekend and we met such wonderful people including Graciela and her daughter Mel from who were some of the nicest people we have ever had the pleasure of meeting! They helped us so much with translations and I was lucky enough to come home with some of their beautiful creations ;o)
The fair was really good and we had so much fun! It was fantastic to be able to take our stand out of a suitcase =o) Our work had a great response and the Spanish doll house Magazine want to do a feature on our work as the editor just loved our dolls, she was also such a nice, warm and friendly person to meet.
We had a stand next to Karon Cunningham who has a very successful Dolls House and Miniatures shop at 15-16 Pulteney Bridge, Bath, BA2 4AY. Check out her web site so it was nice to meet a fellow British Miniaturist!
Helena also had a fantastic fair, selling lots of her beautiful creations so we will all be going to the November show! We managed to spend all the money we made as we have not had a holiday for around 4 years so we just made the most of it and Aidy was chuffed as he bought a rather fetching hat and some funky new shoes lol!!!
We came back to some very exciting news...

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