Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Lots of news very little time!

I know, I know, I am a very bad blogger!!!

We just seem to lose so much time lately and find it impossible to get things done, mind you a lot has happened since our last blog ;o)
We were both ill after spring cleaning lol and had flu like symtoms for around two weeks and we had an elderly relative staying with us so no time to rest! Our car decided to give up on us even though it is only 3 years old so we had to wait 3 weeks to get it fixed (combination of waiting on garage to fit us in, parts and tools to remove the old parts) - thankfully she is working a treat now. Although we did have to hire a van for a few shows as we could not fit our stand, us and elderly relative in the car fixed or not lol

We have been to two fairs, Pudsey which was our best yet and Edinburgh which was a great show as always. The pictures above are commissions we made for the Edinburgh show.
We were asked by Jill Bennett on behalf of the BTG to become part of the committee for the British Toymakers Guild which we were delighted to accept.
Today we had a very exciting offer but we need to work out the details before I can shout about it lol so watch this space....
We are also looking forward to our trip to Madrid to stand at the Tom Bishop show next week providing Volcanoes behave themselves ;o) so lots of new dolls ready to go on an adventure.
We are also helping to set up a local dollhouse club - first meeting is on Monday so that is something to jump up and down about as I have wanted to join a dolls house club ever since I found the hobby!!! Finally I will have time to make stuff for my own houses - I have already demanded a Dobby from Aidy as pictured above so fingers crossed I get one lol anyone from the local area is very welcome to join so hopefully I will get to meet lots of people with the same passion for all things mini ;o)
We also have to get ready for York and Scottish Miniatura as we have a huge list of commissions to be ready for both shows so lets hope we can find a few weeks extra to make everything!!!! Where does the time go?
And last but not least I have made the witch for our givaway but need to take some pictures for you...she was going to be a good witch but she sold at the workshop we did a few weeks ago so I made a new witch and she wanted to be nasty so if you take part I hope you have a spooky corner to put her in ;o)
Good luck to everyone standing at Kensington and have a great day to all those visiting the show. Right, off to get the camera!


  1. Me encantan tus personajes!!!!
    Espero que las ferias, sean un exito.
    No sabia que venias a la de Madrid, espero poder ir y conocerte, para poder ver tus trabajos en vivo.
    Enhorabuena por tus nuevos encargos.
    Ire pasando para ver las novedades.
    besitos ascension

  2. Que tanto! Nos encantaría conocerte si usted venir a la exposición en Madrid, es nuestra primera vez en la feria. Me encanta España, por lo que no puede esperar. gracias por los agradables comentarios
    Roz xx