Monday, 29 November 2010

York, Snow and some new dolls

Well, we managed to beat the weather and get to the York dollhouse fair ...the weather however decided to close in towards the end of the day and I thought we may be sleeping at the venue! They closed the fair around 30m earlier than advertised because it was getting so bad!
I was amazed at how many customers ventured out and although not as many as would normally attend this show it was still fairly busy all day ;)
We were so happy Julie, Ruth and Julie made it to the show and I am very happy you all arrived home safe and well...Aidy said it was very bad taking you to the train station so I thought you may miss the train!
We had a cold but good show although the journey home was very eventful and a tad bit hair raising at moments. It took us over 3 hours to do a journey that usually takes a little over one hour! But we did get home, poor Helena of Solway Miniatures had to call the AA out and spend a night in a B&B and only got home at noon today!
Now we just have to hope we can make it down to London at the weekend for kensington ;)
Me trying to clear the car of snow outside the venue
It was falling faster than we could clear it
Aidy and me looking cold and ready for the job at hand!
Other news...

One of our customers is making a Christmas street did start off as a nativity scene but each year it grows and grows so now we are working on the street scene ;) We were commissioned to make four dolls who would fit such a scene and were allowed to come up with our own ideas! So here are two of the dolls we made (we also made a little girl having fun in the snow with dad)

A lady all wrapped up for Christmas shopping

A Chestnut seller - the stove lights up

Some new dolls for York/Kensington

Another Candy wizard

Ivy the Christmas witch - witches love Christmas too you know ;)

I have wanted to make this for ages - I made a mouse version last year and now here is the cat version!
We have also launched a very exciting range of tiny characters from cats to rabbits to mice lol all very very cute and they almost sold out at York - pictures to follow soon!
Hope those of you who also have snow keep safe, warm and well ;)


  1. Glad to hear you are well. I'm absolutely in love with your animal characters! As many other people obviously ...
    Wish you a nice and sucessfull Kensington!

  2. Thank you Christine, hope you are keeping well xx

  3. Wonderful dolls! And the cat is beautiful! I'm very curious about your other animals!!!

  4. The new characters, fantastic as always.
    Happy holidays and Merry Christmas from Madrid


  5. Your miniatures are so great I have become one of your followers. I also make miniatures. Please visit my blog.