Monday, 21 March 2011


 Andy Hopwood :)

 Lois  (Mollies Exclusive Designs) eating crisps lol

 Peter (Herdwick Landscapes)

 Jenny (Kastle Kelm Miniatures)

 Jenny's stand - looked great as always!

 Andy Hopwood (organiser) and Mark (The Dolls House Builder)
 Helena (Solway Miniatures) who had the stand next to us

 Another picture of Herdwick Landscapes stand :)

 Annie Willis (Fine Designs) I wanted ALL the cats! Fabulous work and lovely people who we were lucky enough to be next to all weekend.

Our new dolls
 Mariachi Automata
 Steampunk moving contraption

 Gretel & Poppy our newest witches

 Vanessa & Maisy

 Something a little naughty!

We have just got back from Miniatura and as usual we had a fun filled weekend although I was in a lot of pain for most of it :( Aidy went on a painkiller hunt though so all was well in the end!

Although sales were down compared to last time (understandable with all the doom and gloom we are facing these days) we still had a great time and our new work got a fantastic response from stand holders and customers - think everyone found something to make them smile ;)

Now we just need to get ready for Arnhem this weekend - nothing like a bit of pressure lol, Hope you like our new work!


  1. I had a lovely time looking at your stand on Saturday, you were very busy when I arrived! I think you are right about everyone thinking carefully about their purchases and maybe not doing so much impulse buying. I am always rather headless at these shows but even I kept to a definite plan and bought items I needed rather than....ooooo I must have it.
    Good luck in Arnhem and then you are off to Chicago, that will be an adventure!

  2. Oh I am sorry I missed you :( was looking out for you as well lol but I was not in the best place health wise all weekend especially on sunday - all I could think of was bed lol and yes I think we all need to watch what we buy these days!xx

  3. Oh, I love your little naughty scene! ;-)
    Wish you good luck in Arnhem.

  4. Very nice work!!!
    Thanks to show a part of Miniatura!!!

  5. Everything looks fantastic, I love show pictures, especially when I cant make them! Are you and Jenny Kelm at KDF in May? id love to see your work, both of you. Katexx

  6. Jenny is doing KDF in may, we are doing it in December ;)

  7. Thanks for all the photos, I feel like I have been now :-D