Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Some Good News...and mass panic!

Well, we have just had it confirmed that we have a table at the Tom Bishop Chicago show! We were told they may have a space for us but no promises (we are delighted as when we first asked about this show a few years ago there was a huge waiting list) - Thank you to Tom and Leni for fitting us in!

Now, we were already heading to Chicago to go to the show and to meet some very special friends who live there so this is a nice bonus although we are a tad bit panicky as we have two huge shows before we even make it to Chicago!! I have informed one friend that we may have to take over their oven to make dolls lol

On the plus side it has got me feeling all creative and inspired and a huge list of dolls to make has been devised - although I have to say Aidy did go pale when I thrust the list in his direction!

So, to those of you who had not yet figured it out...yes we are totally insane - Miniatura, Arnhem, Chicago, Edinburgh and Madrid  all within 2 months lol! I will try to find the time to show you our new dolls!


  1. Seguro que teneis mucho extito en todas las ferias en las que vais a participar.
    besitos ascension

  2. Thank you Ascension, I hope you are feeling better about minis again! xx