Monday, 18 April 2011

Chicago part two

Well I am pleased to say Chicago was not all drama lol... all our dolls arrived in one piece and we set up and were ready by the time the show opened! The doll room was filled with a great atmosphere and everyone was very friendly and welcoming which was nice and put us at ease.

We were next to Jane Davies who was lovely and had such beautiful dolls on her stand but sadly Aidy never got round to taking any pictures so please have a look at her website to have a peek at her work -

Jane was being helped by a wonderful lady called Pat who I have to say was one of those people you meet and instantly adore - she decided she was going to adopt Aidy and I and now insists we go and visit her :) I was so pleased when she bought my favourite piece on our stand - the witch with the flying pram (you can see pictures here I know she will look after them so it was not as difficult letting them go!

We sold our walking steampunk contraption in the first hour of the preview show! And we went on to have good sales especially as we have never done a show or any promotion in the states - we were delighted by the end of the weekend and have already booked and paid for next year - we also now have a much better idea of the American market which should come in useful for Philadelphia Miniaturia :)
On our last day we went to a fabric store where I found lots of treasures some of which will be for sale at fairs - I also found some ribbon that will be perfect for all thing witchy! 

We also had a delightful lunch cooked for us by Dru and it really was one of the best meals we had in the entire two weeks - Pat even ate the leftovers lol - I was also greeted with a huge cheesecake at the end of the show so I really was spoiled :) Thanks Dru *hugs*

 Dolls that just make you smile! By talented artist Bev who sells as 
 Her stand just oozed character!

We spotted some steampunk pieces on the Rainbow Hand stand - such talented miniaturists!

Debs was another very talented artist who had a wonderful stand filled with delightful characters! Debs also saved the day by helping us out with a very much needed customer address after the show had ended!

 Roberta we seem to be following her around the world lol and her stand in Chicago didn't disappoint :)

 Pat who as always made us laugh throughout the weekend! 

 Kate makes the most wonderful 1:24 scale dolls who hold such detail and character! 

 Lisa with two of her risque dolls lol aren't they just delightful!

Jamie holding one of his fabulous characters and true to form he managed to make the weekend pass with much laughter!

Last but not least we would like to say a huge Thank You to Tom and Leni Bishop who gave us a lot of help and support with a small issue before the show and were as usual professional to the end with all aspects of running the show - we look forward to next time!


  1. Thanks for this fantastic article!
    Has been very good to see with your eyes this part of the Show.

  2. Loved all of the photos!!! Thank you so much for taking so many and clear shots! It felt like I was there in the doll room!!!

  3. Me ha encantado visitar la feria con vosotros gracias al post.
    Unas fotografias fantasticas y muchas gracias por los enlaces.
    besitos ascension

  4. What a wonderful weekend it sounds - a gahering of the (dollshouse) gods!