Sunday, 26 July 2009

6th Wedding Anniversary

Well, today was our 6th wedding anniversary;o) So we decided to go shopping, have a meal and see Harry Potter.

We bought loads of books and I was delighted to find Alan Bennett 'Untold Stories' for £4.99 brand new - it was reduced from £20.00! We also got loads of work related books with pictures of people or sewing techniques ;o)

Then we went for a mexican meal and we had just had a few sips of our drinks when the fire alarm went off! so we had to go outside and wait for the all clear. Around 10 minutes later we could all go back inside. Our food order arrived a little late but the food was delicious! Then we asked for the bill and it was FREE!!! So that was a nice anniversary gift that we were not expecting!

We then went to see Harry Potter and because our meal was late we missed all the adverts - perfect ;o) We were both unimpressed with the pace and the love plot got a bit sickly at times but it did look great. Now we are full of dolls we just have to make so back to work tomorrow ;o)

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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