Sunday, 12 July 2009

First 1:24 dolls

This is our first attempt at 1:24 scale dolls. They were a real challenge to do! It was hard finding fabrics small enough and Aidy found the sculpt very difficult to do and still keep detail. It is amazing how small the face and head have to be in order to stay in scale - a lot of people make the head too big. This was advice we had before we started and now we can see why it is so easy to get it wrong!

These are a commission hence why we were mad and gave it a go ;o) But we did have fun and now we have the summer looming, we may make some more! We already have a few people interested in what we make next lol so watch this space.

In 3 days Aidy breaks up for the summer (he teaches) so we are going to spend the time making dolls and keep our website updated for once! We have lots of exciting ideas and some irons in the fire so our blog should also be more active...well maybe lol

We are at a show in Altrincham on Sunday so we will try to take lots of pictures to show you all. It is a really nice fair as we get to meet up with lots of friends and some regular customers which is probably one of the best parts of doing fairs!


  1. you've both done a great job!
    I can now imagine Aidy slaving away indoors all summer & you knee deep in 24th scale dolls waiting to be dressed LOL

  2. Wow..........amazing. I have no idea how you dress things so tiny let alone sculpt them. Amazing !

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