Tuesday, 21 July 2009


We have just finished this piece 'you are never too old to learn to fly' It is one of those sculpts that has been waiting to get out for a long time ;o) She is now sold but we would make a similar idea if requested.

Gwendoline and Percy are collecting mushrooms for a spell! We have just listed them on ebay - something we never do with our OOAK dolls as most of our work is either stock for shows or commissions!

We hope to start listing dolls on ebay, etsy, CDHM, D-A-M-E and fuzzb in the next few months as we are members of them all but never use them!
Our main aim for this summer is to try to keep our website updated and keep on top of all our commissions as at the moment we never have any spare time to make the long list of ideas waiting to pop out!
We have six weeks to get organised ... HELP!

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