Friday, 6 November 2009

Getting ready....

Not for Christmas as the picture suggests, but for the last 5 shows of the year! Yes, 5 shows in 4 weeks, we must be mad!?! Although Christmas will be here before we know it... and I have yet to make 10 Christmas cakes for family and friends, not to mention go to a wedding in Ireland...PANIC!!!
We are really looking forward to Pudsey tomorrow ( as we have so many friends who stand very close to us at the show so we get to have a lovely chat and plenty of laughs throughout the day!
We have made some new characters for the show but not many as we have so many commissions we are working through to meet the Christmas deadline! It is at times like this that I wonder why we do what we do??? Oh yeah...because we love it!
I have loved 'meeting' so many talented artists through blog land, online groups and Facebook, it is truly amazing what some people can do with a few simple materials! I love seeing what you are all up to and WIP pictures, so we are going to try to return the favour by making some tutorials and taking some WIP pictures of our own to share some of what we do! Although we are not the most organised and we tend to forget to take pictures as we get caught up in what we are doing!
We hope to get the website sorted out as soon as we can. It has become a tad bit neglected of late, but it should be up and running soon! We have lots of very new exciting things planned for next year if we find the time to do them and we can't wait to share them with you! December is going to be a very very busy month...

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  1. yay good for you two, i cant wait for my cake lol, glad pudsey went very well for you both, see, it's all worth it lol........lesley ooakdiddydolls