Sunday, 8 November 2009

One down...four to go!

Well, we are back from Pudsey. It was a very strange show as it became very busy around lunch time and then went quiet early afternoon, which never happens at this show! It normally stays busy all day. It was bad on the sales front for most people around us which again is strange for this event but maybe all this credit crunch talk has finally hit?

Doreen always runs a very good event and this time was no different as she got the public in - they just left early! They raised a huge amount for Children in need too, which is fantastic, I think it was around £800! So there is one very good positive about the show ;o)

We were lucky in that we covered costs and have four people who bought dolls and are picking them up and paying for them at york at the end of the month! It seemed lots of people were saving money until York this time. But then times are hard and what we sell are classed as Luxury items! We also had 6 bookings for our workshop ;o)

We have been very lucky as Lilyelf and have not felt the pinch so you have to take the good shows with the bad!

Roll on next week at Edinburgh, I love the Scottish shows!

The picture is of Priscilla one of our cats looking most unimpressed at having her picture taken!


  1. great news Roz, glad to hear your show wasnt as bad as some of the reports I have seen. your still gonna be busy till next pudsey lol.

  2. well--that stinks! I have noticed a downturn in sales too. Guess art is the first to go, sigh.

    Julie Old Crow

  3. What a wonderfull dolls.
    Nice that you follow my site.
    I will follow your site too.