Tuesday, 24 November 2009

One left!!!!

Well, we had an exhausting weekend! We travelled down to London to stand at the Kensington Christmas Festival and then went back up to Manchester to stand at the Altrincham show on the Sunday - Madness lol

Kensington was well worth the trip ;o) and we had a customer who came all the way from Denmark to collect a doll. Her friend had bought one of our characters in Arnhem and so she had to have one too. So as soon as the doors opened she found us and luckily she loved him ;o) and she even promised to let him travel back home in style lol

We had a great show and as we were next to the cloakroom we had people passing our stand all day long! One problem with this is we now have a very empty stand, almost no dolls and no fabrics and only less than a week left until York - Major PANIC!!! We have 8 orders for dolls which are being collected at the show and we are doing a workshop! Sooooooooooooooooooo much to do this week and I am not home as I am with my mum all this week!

But the end is in sight and then we can relax...well almost! Aidy is giving up work to work full time on Lilyelf from next year so very exciting times ahead!

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