Friday, 11 November 2011

Arnhem - and proof that most miniaturists are slightly mad...

 Linda managed to have the right expression - although she did have a good point when she said she wished she could get her legs to do that!!

 I think this is my 'just you wait expression' lol as I glare at Aidy and his camera!

Well, we actually forgot to take pictures of the show...but Aidy (and no surprise really) did manage to find his camera for this moment! Every Saturday some of the exhibitors get together for a meal and this year Serge was prepared...he didn't just select Linda and I but any willing (I use that term loosely) lady in the room! To give myself and Linda credit we were the only ones at our table who would allow such a thing ;) must be the fact we are both Manchester born and so tend to accept all of life's situations with...well I like to think some grace but looking at these I am not so sure lol

Anyway, back to the show... we had a quiet one this time and it did seem to be mixed with some people reporting a great show and others not so much - however as it was the weekend just after all the Euro doom and gloom we didn't do as badly as we could have!

We are already planning for next March and we will be doing workshops as well...


  1. Hahaha very funny!
    Have a nice weekend

  2. roflol. great pictures, I would have been laughing my head of , what good sports you are xxx

  3. LOL you would have been in the pictures!!!