Friday, 11 November 2011

Philadelphia Miniaturia Part 1 - Workshop

Well, we didn't give ourselves long to recover from Arnhem - just a day lol and we were on the way to Philadelphia. We arrived mid afternoon and had a night to settle in before we got to work!

I was lucky as I had day two of the workshop so I had a little time to adjust but Aidy had to get straight to work ;) As usual we had a lovely group of ladies and it was a really nice way to get to know each other - we had a lot of fun!

Pam and Eleanor already knew what they wanted to make - Pam wanted to make a crocodile for an ongoing project she is doing for a flower show,  a select few have the honor of making a miniature scene complete with flowers and plants - it sounded like so much fun and she has a huge list of characters to make in order to get it finished - we are just sad we won't be at the show to see the finished piece as she has put a huge amount of time and effort into it already.

Eleanor had to make a witch as she adores all thinks spooky! Eleanor is already a customer of ours and now she is most definitely a wonderful friend as we both sing from the same wacky witch sheet :) we had so much fun over the week and we would like to thank her for the little gifts she bought us and for taking us out to find shops and for a wonderful dinner - you really must come and stay with us!

Ann and Carol where happy to let the character just appear from the clay - Ann ended up with a lovely older man however once the show was open he got her into lots of trouble as he decided he just had to have accessories! She did manage to stop him from owning a dog that was $550 and instead got him one for a more reasonable figure lol. Carol made a rather down and out chap, everything had gone south and he was a tad bit down on his luck so she spent part of the show looking for park benches and other accessories he may own. It was so nice to see them both so attached to their little people.

We had a lovely dinner at the hotel with Pam, Carol and Ann and it will be good to catch up with them all next year - we can't wait and are already planning what to make next!


  1. So nice to see you two enjoying yourself!
    This crocodile is so funny That must be an interesting flower project! lol
    I hope I'm able to participate Arnhem in March and that I can see you there.
    Hubby say's hello, too!

  2. roz, some great work there, must have been great fun, glad it all went well for you both.

  3. Christine, it will be great to see you both again...I hope you make the show! xxx