Saturday, 12 November 2011

Philadelphia Miniaturia Part 2 - NAME

 The night before the show opened, NAME had their annual gathering, with an evening of goodies (we got flashing badges which we loved and lots of sweet treats!), demonstrations, round tables and even photo shoots of people sitting on the moon lol
 It was all free even to non members and everyone was so friendly and welcoming!

 You could choose from a wide range of projects - you could even make them all if you wanted to!
 It was so lovely for each NAME member to give up their time to teach a mini craft not to mention all the preparation that must have gone into organising each tables activities.
 We made a 1:24 scale magazine rack - Aidy and I never get time to enjoy the hobby as we spend all our time either working in the real world, making dolls or going to shows -so for me this was just wonderful!

 We were both delighted with our little creations -although I have claimed both for my collection ;) and we would like to thank all the people who made the night such a fun event! We shall be back for more next year!
Please take the time to have a look at their website

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