Wednesday, 28 October 2009


Well, we are back home! We had a fantastic weekend and it was well worth all the effort to make the show.
We left on Thursday from Newcastle to Amsterdam, I didn't quite get seasick but I went to bed very early feeling quite green lol the 2 tablets I had, just about managed to keep me from actually being sick!
We woke up bright and early and after a much needed coffee and orange juice we disembarked in Amsterdam. None of the roads matched the map so we found the fair by dumb luck rather than by skill lol
But Aidy managed the drive really well and remembered to drive on the wrong side of the road lol We found the venue and I was given a really sweet miniature Russian doll to celebrate our first time at the show - I always wanted one of those!
We were placed facing Lynn (Matlock Miniatures) Bob (Country Contrast) and Doreen Jeffries so we had a laugh with them all weekend as we see them at all the English fairs. Every time we looked across to them they were all either laughing or eating something lol Aidy kept them entertained with his antics.
We were not too far away from Pat kay and Dream In miniature so it was really nice to see friendly faces.
As the show opened, One of our regular customers came up to us (we knew she was going to the show) and she asked if we knew where her hotel was, well we were delighted to find we were all staying at the same place, although we had failed to find it earlier.
Ruth, told us she had been to Germany and back looking for it so we said we would all go together at the end of the show, it took us 2 hours to find it as we spent most of the time stuck in a one way system lol We were all ashamed to realise the hotel is 8 minutes from the show! We were so happy to finally find it, but had to make do with a sandwich and drink from the bar as the restaurant was closed ;o)
The next morning we all had breakfast together and Aidy and I were having so much fun we nearly missed the start of the show! We had a great day and sold some dolls and lots of other bits. I was sad to see Gwendolin and Percy sell, but they are going to Denmark and the lady who bought them was lovely! We sold our gardener to her friend so that was really nice.
Our work got a fantastic response and we now have a some new customers to add to our ever growing fan base. We ran out of all our postcards!
We had a lovely meal with Ruth, Dot, Julie and Robert, but we all missed Ruth's daughter Julie who had stayed back at home in England. We had a very funny waiter who loved the fact he could make fun of us English lol so we never laughed so much for a long time, we all had a great night!
We managed to have breakfast with them again and then another mad dash to make the show, we had another great day and we were sad when it was all over.
We had to rush to catch the ferry home but made it with time to spare and the crossing was not too bad going home, we even had a nice 3 course meal on board.
We can't wait until next October when we get to do it all again and the best bit is that Ruth, Julie, Dot, Robert and Julie (Ruth's daughter) are all thinking of going again too! They made our weekend more than just a show, so thank you to you all we had a ball!


  1. Wonderful pictures!

  2. fantastic pictures there Roz & Aidy, so glad you had a great time. and very pleased you done so well too, excellent news for Lilyelf. back to it now, Pudsey and Edinburgh next lol, well done.....Lesley ooakdiddydolls