Monday, 5 October 2009


Battish Airways!

We had a wonderful show, it was great fun and went by far too quickly! Well, here is our show piece 'Battish Airways' it took all summer to make but the response we had was well worth all the hard work! It moves up and down, the bats flap their wings and it lights up lol
Aidy had to carry it up and down the show to take it to the 'studio' to have pictures taken by the magazines, miniatura and the local paper lol so his hands were killing him by the end of the weekend as it is heavy! It does all come apart and pack neatly away inside the boxes it stands on but there was no time to keep on packing it away ;o)
It was so nice to see peoples reaction to it and a lot of them thought we must be daft (which we are) to come up with the idea in the first place! We have had lots of really nice messages today telling us it was the best thing at the show and that made our day as some very talented people loved our work. We also had interest from some shops who liked the idea of having it as the window display!
We hope to have it on display at Arnhem, Pudsey, York and Kensington so if you are around and would like to see it please come and say hello. It is for sale but we would like to have the chance to add a few more finishing touches to it first as we ran out of time!
We also had a great time as we were surrounded by all the girls from D-A-M-E and Helena of Solway miniatures so lots of laughs in our corner of the show! We all stayed at the same hotel and 5 of us had the same room so you can imagine how much fun that was too lol good job we get along so well! Edith from delicious delights also kept on popping by to say hello as she did not want to miss anything ;o)
D-A-M-E had a fantastic and well deserved response from everyone who stopped to have a look at our display - The members really did a good job!
We would like to say a huge thank you to the following people, Bev, Lesley, kev, Helena and Simon for helping with D-A-M-E and all the D-A-M-E members who sent work to display or came to see us all at the show.
We would also like to thank Andy Hopwood who also continues to offer great support and encouragement to both D-A-M-E and Lilyelf and obviously works so hard to not only to help run such a successful event, but to promote the hobby to anyone who will listen!
Roll on march!

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  1. I have to agree, fantastic peice of work again, and yes we had a great time bring with you all, I can't wait for march, just Hope i'll be there again .......lesley ooakdiddydolls