Saturday, 31 October 2009

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to you all! I hope you all have lots of wonderful parties to go to, we are staying in with some nibbles and the TV lol Both parties we were invited to are at least 3 hours away! I do love Halloween and I am reminded of some very strange parties from my teenage days ;o) with some even stranger costumes!
I was going to make pumpkin soup or pie but no pumpkins left in the shops! That will teach us to wait until the last minute. It is odd to see Halloween become ever more popular in England but it is a good thing!
Have a spooky time whatever you are doing!


  1. I hope you enjoyed some time in front of the tv together for a change, you two work much too hard. happy halloween to you both too........Lesley xxx

  2. Thanks Lesley, hope you had a fab time at the party, your costume was fantastic - You could sell those lol xx