Friday, 30 October 2009


Griselda is now for sale in our Etsy shop - All very new to us! I hope you like her ;o) it is unusual for us to list dolls as we mostly sell them at shows or on a commission basis but as it is Halloween tomorrow we thought we would offer our last witch for sale - we do have lots more witches planed - we love making them!
Welcome to our new followers, almost 5o now! Thank you to all our followers for taking an interest in our work =o)
We had a great day yesterday, went to Bury Market with mum and had tea and cakes, saw my gran and had more tea and cakes lol then we made a surprise visit to Julie and Ruth's dolls house club (only Julie the organiser knew we were going) we had talked about it in Arnhem but they thought we had decided not to come. We had a wonderful night and yes, more tea and cakes lol
Julie's dolls house collection is just fantastic and it made me ashamed of my empty houses back home lol I must try to get some work done on them over Christmas! She has spent years collecting the perfect miniatures for every scene and the little bear and pram she bought in Arnhem finished the little girls room off perfectly - they were worth all the money they cost!
Thank you for such a warm welcome girls, I just wish I lived close enough to be a member but going off last night, we would never get anything made lol see you all at Pudsey!


  1. Nuevo personaje fantástico, como siempre.

  2. I love your witches! You are my last great finding!

  3. Thank you Eva, we love making them as you can have so much fun!

  4. My God, your work is INCREDIBLE!!!