Thursday, 18 November 2010

Back from Madrid

Long post alert and lots of pictures!!!
Okay we are back from our trip to Madrid. Tired, cold and a little bit stressed but safe and well ;) Cold because our boiler has decided to quit :( so lots of jumpers, hats, gloves, cardigans - I hate being cold -so you get the picture, until the nice man comes to fix it! Tired because we have not stopped for what feels like months and stressed because we have 3 more shows and nothing to sell - okay maybe a bit dramatic but it feels like we have nothing left to sell ;)
Madrid was cool but not as cold as here, for me it was perfect I hate being too hot too lol I know, I know never happy! We managed to get the best seats on the plane thanks to Helena's determination and we got them on the way back too - I hate flying at the best of times so happy pills and the best seats were the way to go!
We went on the Friday and settled into the apartment and then trundled along with all our suitcases to find the hotel where the show was being held at. We found this easy as we all remembered where it was from the May trip. Although we were all very tired we were pleased we set up on the Friday as it took the stress out of the weekend.
Helena was in the first room and we were in the larger one - good job too as the room Helena was in was like an oven and everyone looked like they may melt half way through the show! The show was very busy on the Saturday and had a great atmosphere. The first thing we sold was the wizard sweet seller - I was sad to see him go so now have to make another version! Sales were good and steady on the first day although we sold more dolls than fabric which was different to the last show we did - no two shows are ever the same. Sunday was a slower start but still got fairly busy and this time we started to sell the fabrics and it was a slow doll day!! But we had fun, it was worth doing and we shall be back in May!
A new look for Aidy? We saw this wig in a shop window and just had to share ;)

Aidy looking very tired after a long weekend!

Me looking relieved it is all over!!

Our wonderful friends Grace and Mel who are always happy to translate for us! It was so good to see these two again ;)

Our stand on the Friday set up - all ready to go!

Now, those of you who know me well will also know I LOVE Shoes!!! So how could I walk past this beautiful stand? I couldn't lol I had been passing it all weekend and admiring all the wonderful shoes and hats and wondering if my life size feet could somehow be shrunk to 1:12th scale alas this did not happen no matter how hard I wished for it so I settled for a lovely chat and a picture instead!

This was a delightful stand full of such beautiful old fashioned toys - I just had to buy one ;)

We finally got to meet Jesús who follows our blog and we follow his ;) please take a look! He makes such beautiful characters full of life and joy - you can see the love he puts into each creation! Although we spoke very little Spanish and he spoke very little English, with the wonderful use of mime we shared the admiration for each others work ;) We also should have had him on commission as he kept bringing people along to see our stand all weekend - Gracias Jesús, esperamos verlos la próxima vez!

These next two pictures are us being daft in the apartment - I think we were on our way for day two and the excitement had made us slightly madder than we are already!

I promised we would take lots of pictures - so here they are!
Madrid by day

Madrid by night ;)

And finally hello and welcome to all our new followers ;)


  1. some excellent piccys there roz, glad all went well and you both had fun, you have to take some time out soon, you will both be worn out just in time for xmas lol, well done......lesley xxx

  2. Wow well done you! glad you had a great time as well, looked lovely...not TOO sure on the wig for Aidy mind...I think I prefer him as he is ROFL!!

  3. Nice to meet you in person and admire your work live, all the characters are amazing.
    Hope to see you at the next fair.
    Cheers for both.