Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Madrid preview

Tudor lady



Here are some of the dolls we have made to take to the Tom Bishop show, Madrid, this weekend. We have some more on the way :)
Agnell was such joy to make, our good friend Helena from Solway Miniatures found us the green vespa in a local shop and knew we could have fun with it.
We couldn't decide who would own such a thing but Agnell soon told us it was hers ;) It is a pull and move bike so she looks like she is really riding it!
We just need to finish a few more dolls, pack and we are ready to go! Really looking forward to it, the show in May was great and all reports indicate this one should be even better. I will take lots of pictures to show you when we return!


  1. The vespa has really livened up my evening. Lucky you to be going to Madrid.....next year for me I think.

  2. They are all lovely, that green vespa is just the best LOL I love poor little Gwen though, she looks a tad cold sitting on that bench, she is fabulous :)
    Julia x

  3. Agnell is amazing! Love the character!

  4. Congratulations on all the characters are fantastic.
    Very excited to see them live.