Thursday, 11 November 2010

More new dolls and a very scary witch

Well, we were asked at pudsey why all our witches were nice, happy and friendly so we decided to make this scary witch for a change! So here is Lilith, she looks fantastic but I wouldn't like to meet her on a dark night lol
Alberich, the sweet selling Wizard. He has a very friendly and kind face
and all the little witches and Wizards love a visit to Alberich's sweet shop ;)

Annie, she looks so sweet sitting on her bench ;) i love how Aidy has captured the look on her face and the little twinkle in her eyes!

Full shot of Lilith

We were asked to make another doll like the one we made while in Arnhem and we wanted to make one to take to Madrid so here she is with the pram the first should have had lol - this one is for sale but we are making one without a pram for the commission too ;)

All these dolls are packed and ready for the trip to Madrid - I will be back soon with lots of news and pictures - I hope!


  1. Espero que tengais muchisimo exito en Madrid, vuestros trabajos se lo merecen.
    Me hubiese encantado poder ir y saludaros, pero me es imposible.......que pena.
    Seguro que lo pasais genial!!!!!
    besitos ascension

  2. Roz.....she is awesome!!!! Of course, all of ya'lls work is amazing!! Have fun and be safe my friend.


  3. they are all looking excellent you two, well done on fantastic work, looking forward to hearing how the whole trip went. xxx