Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Arnhem Show

Hello All, we just got back from a weekend away in Arnhem - we had a stand at the show We had a great time! We sold 5 dolls in the first 30 minutes of the Friday night preview. As the show went on we had a problem of not having a huge range of dolls left - we have Pudsey this weekend and Madrid on the following weekend - so I dressed a doll behind the stand (pictured above) but as soon as we put her on the stand on the Sunday, she sold! The ink was not even dry on her price tag lol so she is officially the quickest ever selling Lilyelf doll ;)

These are some great witch/wizard items we bought or received as gifts at the show. We met a lovely couple Bianca & Leen as you can see from the small selection above they have a great talent for making all things spooky! we hope to work with them in the future.

As you can see their stand looked great too!

Another view of their stand.

We finally met Christine from cw poppets Christine was also invited to attend the Dubai show so we became friends through our blogs as we got ready for the show - sadly it never happened but I was delighted to meet her at the Arnhem show. She had a wonderful stand with unique characters who you just had to smile at! The picture above is of her husband Alexander having fun at the show!

I am sorry that this was the only picture of the cw poppets stand we managed to take :( but at least you can see them both having fun! They are from Germany so it was good to meet them both at last. We had a great time with them and some of the other British miniaturists at the buffet meal on the Saturday night we got strange looks not only for our topic of conversation which included having body parts in the oven but because we were all laughing so loud!

This picture is of Bob from Country contrasts running away from the camera! He really didn't want his photo to be taken lol He was actually in a lot of pain during the show and could hardly stand for most of it - he has a trapped nerve in his leg and really was suffering by the end of it all.

This was Doreen having a mad moment - she had a difficult show as she had to set up and run the stand mostly on her own, plus she had a very bad head cold - they really were going through the wars! Now they have to get ready to run Pudsey at the weekend.
Their stand looked good enough to eat and I had to buy a couple of things as props for dolls so watch this space!

This was Herdwick Landscapes stand. It was Kate & peters first time at the show and their stand looked great as you can see. They make some of the best 1:24th houses and furniture on the market. All the tiny furniture is made out of wood not the like the flimsy cardboard alternatives you sometimes see. The attention to detail is incredible!
They were staying on a houseboat on the river Rhine while at the show ;) it sounded like a lot of fun! They also came to the buffet meal and we had such a good time - we can't wait until march when we get to do it all again!

We caught this snapshot of Peter ;)

And this one of kate at Helena's stand! Helena had come across to Arnhem with us, we all squeezed into our car and shared a cabin on board the ferry. We had a really nice time with lots of laughs along the way.
Helena was having the same issues we were and had to make moulds behind the stand to keep up with demand - she kept selling out of them! She is also just as mad as we are as she has another 5 shows to do before the end of the year, as do we, including doing pudsey and Madrid!

These two pictures were taken on the way into Arnhem on our last day - it was such a beautiful autumnal day Aidy had to stop and take them ;)

This was in a shop window and the following picture is a close up - it was amazing!

Aidy, me and Helena outside the hotel, we had just come back from a day out shopping to pick up all our luggage. As you can see we are all wrapped up against the cold - I had 3 jumpers, a full length coat and hat and I was still freezing!
We headed to Rotterdam to meet the ferry and had a nice night with some of the other brits traveling home - we ended up with just us three and Bob & Doreen - some very strange pictures were taken involving Aidy's hat and scarf but they are on Aidy's phone and I may not be allowed into any of Bob and Doreen's shows if they are published lol and Helena may never speak to me again!!!

And finally, as soon as I arrived home I had to dress this little chap for a very overdue commission! Luckily i managed to get him done in time for the post! So, now you know what us and some fellow bloggers have been up to...I need to go and dress lots of dolls for pudsey and Madrid!


  1. Ohhh Roz...thank you for this amazing post. I feel as though I got to go too and be there with ya'll. Wonderful!! Congrats on the sales..what an awesome way to start.

    Such a beautiful ride...the countryside was lovely. I so enjoyed this adventure with you...well...reading about it.


    I'm very excited...I'm doing my first gallery show here in our new town. Happy..Happy!!!

  2. Hi Regi, lol I think I went on a bit too much but we had such a good time! Congratulations on your first show but more importantly GOOD LUCK!!!! I Know you will do really well ;) I will pop over to your blog to read all about it when you get back *hugs* xx

  3. Gracias por este post y por esas preciosas fotografias.
    Has conseguido transportarme alli.
    Me alegro del exito de la feria.
    Espero que en Madrid tengais el mismo exito.
    besitos ascension

  4. Sounds like you had a very successful time. Thank you for taking so much time to share the show with us. I am sorely tempted to put it in my diary for next year.

  5. Hi Roz and Aidy,
    so nice that we've finally met you and the other nice guys. And this elegant picture of my hubby ... lol.
    We will definitely see us next year at some show!
    Your rabbit is sooo lovely. Your customer must be over the moon.